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  1. Assess Your Personal Situation And Help You To Set Priorities.

  2. Help You To Stay Within Your Budget By Working Efficiently And Suggesting Affordable Solutions.

  3. Jump-Start Your De-Cluttering/Reorganization Process With My “Hands-On” Approach.

  4. Walk You Through The De-Cluttering Process By Helping You To Determine What You Need To Keep, Throw Away Or Donate.

  5. Remove Items To Be Donated From Your Home And Deliver Them To Appropriate Charities.

  6. Determine The Best Use Of Your Space And Find A “Home” For Your Remaining Possessions.

  7. Help You To Purchase Appropriate Organizational Products Or Furniture, If Necessary.

  8. Customize Organizational Systems To Suit Your Personal Habits And Preferences.

  9. Help You To Maintain Order By Teaching You Organizational Strategies And Routines.

  10. Do All Of The Above With Sensitivity And Discretion, And Without Judgement